Posted by: Aakash Barot | November 29, 2009

Customer Buying Behaviour

Here comes a quick summary of what i have learned from my job as marketing professional about the customer behaviour.

This is interesting and yet extremely powerful which can be used for daily reference, It would be extremely helpful for the one in Sales or Sales Training as well. 

Customer Focus (WIIFM – What’s In It For Me):

  • A Solution (product solves a problem)
  • Features/Benefits (improves on/adds to current solution)
  • Performance
  • Comfort/Security
  • Image
  • Quality
  • Price (some lowest, some best value)
  • Relationship (just buy from certain businesses/business associates)
  • Service/Warranty (Return policies, warranties, turnaround time)
  • Selection
  • Location
  • Tradition (habit)
  • Innovation (new innovative products)
  • Emotion (makes them feel good, impress others, show love/appreciation)
  • Convenience

Recognize Why Customers Don’t Buy:

  • Fear of Loss
  • Lack of Trust
  • Lack of Comfort
  • Lack of Quality
  • Not a Viable Solution
  • Lack of Need
  • Contrary to Customer’s Image
  • Not Important
  • Has a Defect
  • Bad Past Experiences
  • Prefers Another Product

Relationships Customers Look For:

  • The Coach/Expert
  • Friendly/Caring
  • Have Same Goals as Customer (customers like to believe your goal is to help them–not take their money)
  • Relationship Marketing (establish a sense of being related)

Customer Motivations:

  • Goal Oriented Motivation (saves time)
  • Image Oriented Motivation (biggest, best, exclusive, expensive)
  • Useage Oriented Motivation (product is best for very specific use)
  • Entertainment Oriented Motivation (adventure, entertaining)

Customer Hot Buttons:

  • Tell the Truth (stats, charts, visual demos, specific claims–thicker, spicier sauce)
  • Get Real (customers buy on quick impressions–tell the truth & get real)
  • Drama (unbelievable offers–any part free if not available, dramatic products)

Action Steps:

  • Find a point to specialize on – find a reason for people to buy that no one else is providing
  • Look at your competitors – list the reasons people buy from each
  • Look at reasons that no one is addressing – see whether they would apply for your business
  • Evaluate relationships, motivations & hot buttons used


Aakash Barot

Marketing Tools

Tools for understanding Customer Behaviour


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